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The West Coast Section of Air & Waste Management Association is pleased to announce programs to support all eligible college level students who are interested in air quality and waste management. These include:

  • Reduced Student registration rates for West Coast Section and Chapter meetings;
  • $15 contribution toward Student Member annual dues;
  • Student technical paper competition to attend the A&WMA Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Student Registration for Section/Chapter Meetings. The Section encourages membership and participation in both the Section and its nearest Chapter by providing reduced rates for students to attend all of the Section’s and its Chapter’s meetings. Section and Chapter meetings typically include a technical presentation and networking opportunities in a lunch or dinner setting. This provides an opportunity to meet and network with young professionals and other industry and government leaders who are working to address environmental issues in California and around the world.

Student Membership Dues Support. In addition, the Section encourages students to consider membership in Student Chapters at their own College or University. If no Student Chapter exists, consider forming one. One advantage of Student Chapter membership is that you will gain access to an exciting variety of the international Association’s on-line resource materials that will be useful in your studies and career. The annual Section and Association Student Dues together are $35. The West Coast Section will contribute $15 towards the $35 annual Student Member dues – your cost is only $20.

A&WMA Annual Conference & Exhibition Support. Another benefit offered by the Section to members of student chapters is support for students to participate in the Association’s international Annual Conference & Exhibition, held in June of each year. The conference is an excellent opportunity for students to interact with industry and government professionals from all over the world and learn more about environmental issues and the latest tools and solutions. The conference’s Student Program includes a diversity of both informative and social activities. The conference Sponsors subsidize portions of the Student Program to allow as many students as possible to participate at a nominal cost. In addition, the Section holds a student technical paper competition each year (see below), and provides a cash award to one or more winners for attending the conference. The 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition will be held June 5 – June 8, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. More information about the international conference can be found at

Student Technical Paper Competition. Students (both those who participate in the West Coast Section-A&WMA technical paper competition and those that do not) are invited to submit extended abstracts or full papers for presentation at the Student Poster Session during the Annual Conference & Exhibition. Student poster presenters will be eligible to compete for cash prizes at the conference within three categories – undergraduate, masters or doctoral. The Section’s Student Technical Paper Competition runs in parallel with and in addition to the Association’s contests. The Section awards a cash prize to at least one author from one or more WCS Student Chapters to support their participation in the Annual Conference & Exhibition Poster Session. Further information can be obtained via the Section’s web page or by e-mailing Dr. Hal Cota at

Two WCS AWMA student chapter members who were paper winners are shown presenting their paper in the Poster Competition at the A&WMA Annual Conference & Exhibition. One of their posters appears in the background.


Each year, the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) recognizes outstanding students who are pursuing courses of study and research leading to careers in air quality, waste management, environmental management / policy / law, and sustainability with respect to air quality and waste management. This includes student scholarships, thesis/dissertation awards, and awards for best student paper and poster at the Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition. Winners will be highlighted in the Association’s EM magazine. The 2017 awards will be presented at the student awards ceremony during the Annual Conference & Exhibition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 5 2017 – June 8 2017. Information for the 2017 Student Award Programs will be posted mid-September.

The conference technical program also includes an Environmental Challenge contest (ECI). The Environmental Challenge international (ECi) Program is a student team competition to prepare and present an optimal solution to a complex “true-to-life” environmental problem. The problem presented will be of current value, representative of the location of the event, and require multi-disciplinary approaches for success. The Challenge seeks not only technical and scientific analyses, but solutions that are presented in conjunction with the development of appropriate regulatory approaches and resolution of political and community issues. The ECi competition is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and recent graduates in the environmental field. Teams should consist of 3 to 5 members.

More information may be found at

The West Coast Section’s Student Chapters currently are:

  • Asian Institute of Technology Student Chapter
  • California Polytechnic State University Student Chapter
  • California State University, San Bernardino Student Chapter
  • University of California, Riverside Student Chapter

Further information can be obtained by e-mailing Dr. Hal Cota at